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Why Boarding? -- The Benefits of a Boarding School

Posted by Sarah Scoville on November 8, 2022 at 8:00 AM

Considering a boarding school option can be an emotionally difficult decision for both parents and students.  Parting with family and friends and establishing new friendships doesn't come easily to everyone.  So why even consider making such sacrifices?  What is it about the boarding school experience that can complement your educational formation so well?  Here, we take a look at the value of the boarding environment at Salisbury School.  

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Being a boarding school, Salisbury has a unique capacity to provide a transformative educational experience by fostering intentional, calibrated independence in a well-balanced, structured, supportive, safe and healthy culture.  Salisbury families view education as their number one priority and clearly understand the value proposition of a 24/7 immersive educational experience. 

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On the Hilltop, learning does not stop at the end of the academic day. Our extracurricular programs  and student organizations such as Big Brothers, Chess Club, Classical or Jazz Ensemble, Investment Club, Debate Club,, Outdoor Club, Peer Leaders, Chapel Vestry, Robotics, and Student Government each provide Salisbury students an avenue for character-based learning and the opportunity for personal growth through new, shared experiences. 


148Salisbury180516The residential campus environment immerses students in a dynamic setting that promotes camaraderie of common experiences.  The Salisbury School faculty to student ratio is optimal and our faculty all fill multiple roles on campus including that of a classroom teacher, advisor, dormitory parent, coach, etc.  Extensive adult supervision lends itself to healthy adolescent interaction.  This interaction between students and teachers, in turn, leads to relational learning that ultimately leads to higher academic achievement and character development. 

The value of the boarding experience is immeasurable.  The academic and personal growth our students experience on the Hilltop reaps benefits for their future and our graduates leave well-prepared for the challenges and triumphs beyond Salisbury. 

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