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What does my admissions decision mean?

Posted by Sarah Scoville on February 28, 2024 at 9:03 AM

Boarding school admissions decisions will soon be released.  This can be a stressful time for many students and families, and there is sure to be a mix of emotions as schools notify individuals of their decisions.  In this blog, we take a look at the admissions decisions you may receive and what to do next. 

Schools will inform you of their decision in one of several ways: an email, a posting online, or through the mail with a letter. By checking the admissions website for each school, you should find ways to access your decision. These notifications will inform you as to whether or not you've been accepted, wait listed or denied admission. If you applied for financial aid, you will also be informed of the financial aid decision. 

Admissions Decision 1: Accepted

Congratulations!  This is the decision we know you want the most.  Now you have to decide where you are going to enroll. 

When deciding which school to attend, factors like academic offerings, athletic opportunities, financial aid awards, the campus culture, and facilities may be important considerations. Ultimately, you want to attend a school where you feel challenged, supported, balanced, and comfortable. 

The best way to make the final decision on which school to attend is to take part in a school's admitted student events. Salisbury will be hosting two revisit days this spring.  During these revisit days, admitted students will  hear from current students, teachers, and administrators, observe classes, athletic practice or games, and special programs, and truly get a feel for the School's culture and community.  Revisit days are a great opportunity to get your final questions answered.

Ultimately, once you have made your final decision on which school you want to attend, you will need to sign and return the enrollment contract and deposit by April 10. 

Admissions Decision 2: Waitlisted

If you are placed on the waiting list at a school, you were a strong candidate, however there were not enough spots to admit you at this point in time.  However, the school may accept you if a spot opens up.   

For financial aid applicants, some schools may offer acceptance, yet place a candidate on the financial aid wait list. In this case, you have been accepted, yet funds are not available to be awarded at this time. Please let the school know whether or not you would like to remain on the financial aid wait list. If you choose to remain on the list, stay in close communication with the school and ask them what they perceive is the likelihood of funds becoming available. 

What should you do next?  If one of your top-preference schools offers a place on the wait list, and you would likely accept an offer of admission if it were to come available later in the spring, convey your interest to the school and request to remain on the waiting list. As April 10 comes closer, schools will evaluate their yield and may look to waiting list applicants. 

Admissions Decision 3: Denied

A "deny" decision can be difficult news.  Not every applicant is right for every school, and not every school is right for each applicant.  Keep in mind that the school search and application process should be about finding the best "fit," and if you are denied at a school, it may not have been the best "fit" for you as a student. Remember that this is not a judgment on you as a person.  You have many great qualities but may not have ranked as highly in a very competitive applicant pool. 

If you are denied admission at a school, no further action is required.  It is likely that you have applied to more than one school in varying levels of competitiveness for admissions.  Hopefully, you have acceptance offers from other schools that will be a great fit.  If you didn't apply to more than one school, it's not too late to apply to another school for the fall! 

We know you are counting down the days until decisions are released.  It's almost time!  Good luck to you as you hear from schools.  Remember that wherever you end up, you will thrive. 

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