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#TheSalisburyAdvantage: A School designed for boys to succeed

Posted by Sarah Scoville on January 28, 2024 at 9:00 AM

High school is a crucial time for boys; navigating a path from childhood through adolescence into adulthood can prove a challenging endeavor for any young person. Building character matters more than ever, as a solid foundation is key to staying grounded and productive in today’s changing world. Salisbury School understands this and provides boys with a comprehensive educational experience that is both compassionate and academically rigorous.

Salisbury’s legacy of tradition and values, paired with a devotion to inclusion and personal growth, means that students are supported in every facet of their lives and encouraged to develop as full individuals while meeting challenges and exceeding expectations. The School’s focus on integrity, leadership, humility, and empathy means that Salisbury graduates are well-rounded young adults who are equipped to handle the challenges of adulthood and are excited to make meaningful contributions to the world around them.

Salisbury School Aerial “It's easy to find your place at Salisbury. Our vibrant community thrives on the concept of Brotherhood, evident through our character-based approach to everything we do.”

– Jennifer Siff, Director of Campus Life


Students at Salisbury School are part of a legacy of excellence that has continued for more than a century. Fundamental to its ideology is the belief that a young man’s educational institution should develop every aspect of his well-being, encouraging growth not just academically, but mentally, physically, spiritually and creatively. A passion for learning and a dedication to building self-esteem and empathy make Salisbury a standout among college preparatory schools. Keeping the focus on the education of boys allows faculty and staff to spotlight crucial skills that boys need for optimal development and fosters a safe environment where they can feel confident in stepping outside their comfort zones and holding themselves and each other accountable for their growth as students and as members of a community.

Salisbury School offers a unique academic program that pairs rigorous college preparation with adaptive methods that meet each student where he is and gives him the tools to succeed. A wide range of AP and advanced courses are available, as well as specialty programs focused on STEM, digital media, and entrepreneurship. A vibrant and expansive collection of course offerings are taught with high expectations and engaged instruction; a small class size means higher levels of student engagement and participation. Additionally, the Rudd Learning Center ensures that every student is given the tools he needs to succeed, with support and specialized staff on hand to accommodate a variety of learning profiles and personal needs.

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A high priority is placed on making students feel seen and supported throughout their educational careers. Teachers at Salisbury are approachable and accommodating, holding their students to high standards while giving them the structure and safety to push themselves to grow further. Faculty at Salisbury participate regularly in training on the best and latest practices for teaching boys.

Salisbury’s thoughtful approach allows them to pair the best of their time-honored traditions with the best practices of modern education. Hands-on learning has proven to be superlative in terms of skill mastery and student engagement; this project-based learning is championed by Salisbury as a way to keep boys excited and active in their educational process. Independent Study prompts the students to present an idea for a project they’re passionate about and will spend the year researching and working on. This practical approach makes education personal and gives a student agency as he determines his own interests and gets to know his personal needs for project success.


Stock Photo 5-3-23  - 0921“Our art courses provide a place for you to unearth your creative potential and give voice to big ideas... our curriculum explores technique and skill building, theoretical and hands-on activity, and artistic ways to problem solve.”

– Ian Johnson, Chair of the Art Department

A nontraditional approach to scheduling is another way that Salisbury eschews established methods in favor of what’s best for the students. Classes meet Monday through Saturday, with classes rotating through different time slots. Since everyone differs in their best time periods for productivity in a 24-hour period, this method ensures that a student has a chance to engage with the same subject at different points in his day. A daily built-in study hall gives him the ability to catch up and get ahead, as well as receive support both from faculty and from his fellow students. In addition, learning practical life skills is an important part of the Salisbury philosophy. Students are regularly taught productivity and organizational techniques that will serve them well both now and into adulthood.

Structure as a gateway to success is a key theme in Salisbury’s practices. The School’s dress code is enjoyed by students as both a unifying and equalizing system that honors tradition while building community. While Salisbury is a non-denominational school, twice-weekly chapel services offer a chance for the school to come together in the spirit of kinship and Brotherhood. Spiritual exploration is a core tradition at Salisbury, offering young men the chance to practice vulnerability and develop integrity and belonging. Salisbury’s honor code ensures that each student feels seen, heard, and appreciated. Students are encouraged to take risks and learn from their mistakes. True Brotherhood resides in supporting and learning from one another, and Salisbury gives students a safe space in which to practice this.

In addition to their academic coursework, Salisbury students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities as well. Most students participate in afternoon athletics, which encourages accountability, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. Whether competitive or recreational, Salisbury students have a plethora of athletic choices, as well as state-of-the-art facilities and an exceptional training staff. In addition, a dynamic and diverse arts department provides educational and creative opportunities for curious students at every skill and interest level.

Salisbury produces bright, self-aware young men who are engaged citizens and dynamic future leaders. Students at Salisbury School have a unique opportunity to receive a first-rate education as well as invaluable life skills, all while building lasting relationships and having an incredible time. Happy, grounded boys make outstanding adults, and Salisbury gives them all the tools they need to be set up for success.

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