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At Salisbury School, academics and athletics go hand in hand

Posted by Sarah Scoville on February 19, 2024 at 8:46 AM

Physical activity is an essential part of life, especially for young people. Integrating physical education into a school’s curriculum is a time-honored practice known to instill healthy habits, reduce stress and improve concentration. Regular activity also helps develop confidence, collaboration skills and teamwork.

At Salisbury School, students enjoy a first-rate athletics program that encourages them to challenge themselves, build character and connect with their support network. All Salisbury students participate each term in a sport or afternoon activity of their choosing. With a generous variety of offerings and skill levels, every student is sure to find options that fit his interests and abilities and participate in the Salisbury tradition of athletics as an essential part of development.

20221102_Soccer vs N Hampton -  001 On the Hilltop, we have a rich tradition of athletic competition dating back to the School’s founding in 1901. Our founding headmaster, George E. Quaile, believed it was just as important for boys to develop their bodies as it was to develop their minds.

Tim Sinclair '91, Director Of Athletics

Salisbury School, long known for its history of academic excellence and its integrative approach to education, implements a three-pronged approach when it comes to cultivating young men: mind, body and spirit are all equally valued. This means that in addition to a rigorous academic program and an inclusive spiritual practice, Salisbury’s athletics department is challenging while being flexible enough to meet each student where he is and give him support to meet and exceed his goals. Physical well-being is essential to a student’s success in all areas, and Salisbury’s athletics program provides world-class facilities, disciplined and compassionate coaching, and a legacy of greatness to strengthen and inspire.

Salisbury’s 700-acre campus is the perfect setting for students to explore a vast array of sports. With over 30 interscholastic sports at many different levels, as well as plenty of recreational activities, students are encouraged to find what fits them and enjoy the hard work and benefits of athletic participation. Salisbury parents can rest easy knowing that their students are getting first-rate athletic opportunities that are on par with the school’s exceptional academic program.


The campus boasts a stunning private lake for the crew program, complete with a boat house. Mountain biking trails and a top-notch golf facility and range make the most of the gorgeous natural surroundings. Both natural and turf fields are available for soccer, baseball, football, and lacrosse. A world-class athletic center complete with two basketball courts, an ice rink, squash courts, weight rooms and an athletic training room truly offer something for everyone.

In addition to its extensive facilities, Salisbury invests highly in its staff, bringing the best teachers and coaches from around the world to train and mentor students, building lifelong relationships and reinforcing the community-minded approach to education that is the cornerstone of Salisbury’s culture. Coaches come from both within the faculty staff and from the worlds of club, college, and professional sports, bringing with them the highest levels of experience and understanding. The entire athletics staff shares a common goal of working with students to inspire confidence and foster excellence at both the individual and group level. The camaraderie and trust inspired by these connections will stay with the student long after school is over and give him a solid foundation for success in everything he does.

With such a commitment to greatness, it is no wonder that Salisbury School is a leader in the world of interscholastic athletics. The Salisbury Crimson Knights are no stranger to championships, earning laurels in many sports, most recently securing top honors in 2022’s GEICO National Lacrosse Championships. However, regardless of the outcome, Salisbury athletes operate at the highest level of sportsmanship, gracious and humble in both victory and defeat. This grounded approach to performance welcomes both accomplished student-athletes and curious newcomers who may not consider themselves athletically inclined. The only requirement at Salisbury is a willingness to try something new and a commitment to uplifting one another.

This legacy of integrity is nothing new at Salisbury. In its 121 years of operation, the school has always practiced character-based education, with a holistic approach to developing all facets of the individual. Recreation is just as important as competition, and there are plenty of dorm activities and informal games to keep spirits high and allow students to blow off steam and have fun.


Athletics at Salisbury School help students foster greatness in themselves, learning valuable lessons along the way about teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline and honor. Thanks to their well-rounded, comprehensive education, Salisbury graduates have a solid foundation upon which to build a happy, well-rounded and whole-hearted life. Visit today to learn more.

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