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Missed the Deadline? ...It's Not Too Late To Apply!

Posted by Peter Gilbert, P'18, '20 on Apr 30, 2018 5:05:00 PM

The March 10 application deadline has come and gone, but your family has an interest in pursuing boarding schools.  Is it too late?  This blog post takes a look at applying to prep schools after the deadline.

While there may be the risk that a school does not have certain enrollment openings based on grade or gender, almost all boarding schools will admit and enroll new students during the late spring and summer months.  And, in fact, most schools will tell you that they interview and enroll some of their top applicants during this time period.  Strategic admissions offices plan of this.

Every family has a different "first actualization" that boarding school would be beneficial, for some, that does not fit with our traditional timetable.  For families that need financial aid, do not fret, many schools have money that returns to their pool after the first round of admissions decisions.  In fact, at Salisbury, we plan on it.  The caveat, of course, is that aid budgets dwindle the further past March one applies.

Regardless of when your family has their "first actualization" that boarding school may be the right fit, it's not too late, and you should absolutely explore your options. Know that years of admissions experience tells us that we have had late applicants who became scholars, school leaders, and star athletes, all with excellent college options.

If you find yourself entering the boarding the school search outside the traditional timeline, these tips and recommended questions will help you in the process.


  • Standardization helps.  Use the SAO application that is accepted by most schools.
  • See the school while the students are still there.  If this is not possible, request to connect with a current family after your visit.
  • Ask about dress code for the interview (sometimes offices are more casual in the summer).
  • Because the timetable is a bit more accelerated, ask the admissions officer if they want to see your transcript and test scores prior to the visit.

Questions to Ask Schools

  • Do you have openings in [specific grade] for [specific gender]?
  • If applicable, do you have financial aid still available?
  • What type of testing do you require?
  • Do you still have space in [specific course], the learning center and other space-capped programs?

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