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Is a Post-Graduate Year Right for my Son?

Posted by Peter Gilbert, P'18, '20 on May 24, 2018 9:29:00 AM

At various prestigious Connecticut and New England Boarding Schools, the post-graduate year is an increasingly popular option for aspiring students who want to better prepare themselves for college.  This blog takes a closer look at the value of post-graduate year and what to expect.


Who Does a PG Year?

Of the average fifteen Salisbury School boys who are post graduates, every one of them has specific academic goals including transcript enrichment or improvement of standardized test scores.  Although many of the post graduates are not going to be college-level athletes, we do have some athletes that want additional time to mature and improve their skill level before playing at the next level.  Ultimately, all post graduates will finish the year better prepared for the academic rigors and independence of college. 

Who is a good candidate for a PG year?  What are the expectations?

The post-graduate student at Salisbury School is one who is highly motivated to contribute fully to life on the Hilltop: academically, socially, and athletically.  These young men are as invested in School life as any Salisbury student; the personal growth and development during his fifth year of secondary school is as important as his ultimate college matriculation.  Therefore, it is our expectation that post-graduates complete the entire academic year curriculum as a fully integrated member of our community.

What are the academic requirements?

Post-graduates must have successfully completed the graduation requirements from their previous school.  Pre-requisites for post-graduates include:

  • 4 years of English
  • 3 years of mathematics through Algebra 2
  • 3 years of social science, including US History for domestic applicants
  • 3 years of laboratory science, including Biology
  • 3 years of foreign language (Salisbury does honor language waivers)

As a post-graduate student at Salisbury, one will need to enroll in an English course and carry a minimum of five courses.  One’s course of study is coordinated by the Director of Studies prior to matriculation and is tailored to the goals of the individual student.  Our goal is to challenge and support boys, always.  

What happens in the college advising process?

Salisbury School has a great deal of experience assisting post-graduates with the college process and developing a course schedule that will meet specific requirements (e.g. the U.S. service academics).  Post-graduate students get the same time and benefits from the college office as any of our sixth form students.  As soon as a student enrolls at Salisbury, he may begin the process.  Our post-graduates have matriculated to a wide-range of colleges, including the most selective. 

 What are the athletic expectations and/or rules?

The Salisbury School athletic program prepares students for the competitiveness of college athletics.  While a year at Salisbury can do much to help a young man prepare for the rigors of college life, it cannot make up for a poor high school transcript.  We suggest that prospective student-athletes register with the NCAA clearinghouse and be aware of NCAA eligibility requirements.  Most of our post-graduate students are working towards specific goals, academic and athletic.  Of note, our football team, members of the highly competitive Erikson Conference, is limited to four post-graduates.  Lacrosse and hockey have self-imposed caps on the total number of PGs.

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