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Fostering Connections: Why Teens Need Other Adults in Their Lives

Posted by Sarah Scoville on Jun 7, 2018 9:53:00 AM

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The average American teen has 150 followers on Instagram, and 18% of teens have over 300 followers. But, how many of those followers are individuals these teenagers are truly connected to? With how many of those followers do teenagers have trusted and valued relationships?

In today’s world, teenagers often interact through social media platforms like SnapChat, Instagram and Vine, or through video games like the latest Fortnite obsession.  More often than not, teenagers communicate using technology rather than through face-to-face interactions.

Despite having hundreds of social media connections and “friends,” where do teens turn when they need help? There will be times when your teen needs the advice of an adult and not one of his 16-year-old peers. Does your son have trusted adults, other than his parents, he can look to when he needs support?

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It is critical that teenagers have trusted adults in their lives that they feel connected to.  Teens with mentor-like relationships are more likely to remain collected in the face of challenges, show interest in learning new things, volunteer, play sports, and be engaged in their studies. Ultimately, with trusted adults in their lives, teenagers are more driven, grounded and have a positive well-being. 

At Salisbury students are surrounded by mentors and role models who are dedicated to the well-being of each student. The boarding school environment allows students and faculty to connect beyond the classroom and foster trusted relationships. Because the majority of our faculty members live on campus and serve as advisors, coaches and dorm parents, these adults get to know each young man in several facets of his life. By getting to know the students beyond the confines of the classroom, faculty members can appreciate the strengths and challenges of each Salisbury boy, and discover common interests or passions that allow students and adults to form bonds.

As Salisbury fosters the academic, athletic, and social growth of each student, and prepares them for the independence of college, we know our boys have a network of support to celebrate their triumphs and guide them through their struggles.  With stronger connections and a network for communication, we cultivate a more grounded, healthier and happier generation.

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